We offer efficient audit solutions and compliance inspections to our valuable clients as per the standards established by road controlling authorities.

Organizations with a genuine concern for compliance and those who wish to manage safety correctly, rigorously and consistently, should consider implementing site auditing. Auditing leads to the following:

We also offer knowledgeable advice on all matters related to the Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (CoPTTM). This enables you to lift the bar by:

The advantages of having an external audit are: They have no preconceived ideas of the site, the TC/STMS, the contractor and basically no knowledge of the project. This brings a new set of eyes onto the site who may see things missed by others due to being there every day.

We not only just provide an audit of your site but also engage with the STMS on-site to create an environment of learning and collaboration. We have the on-road, practical experience and this helps immensely to understand the issues an STMS faces on-site and give options on how to resolve such issues. We can assist you with understanding audits completed by RCA’s on your sites – including helping to resolve notices of non-conformance.